Hip hop and yoga followers, rejoice. On this video, licensed yoga teacher Jaimee Ratliff reveals us a circulation that can get you prepared for the weekend or workday. Along with your favourite music within the background, this routine takes lower than 20 minutes to finish. And whereas it motivates you, this follow additionally guides you thru a stretching, stress-free motion that focuses in your hips, hamstrings, and core. When you have 16 minutes to spare, you’ll love transferring by way of this one. You may observe the circulation with an outline of the strikes beneath.

Heat up by inserting your ft on the high of your yoga mat, blanket, or towel. With ft hips-width aside and palms going through ahead, take a couple of inhales by way of your nostril and elevate your shoulders up. Exhale as you deliver your shoulders down, and repeat about thrice. Attempt holding your eyes closed and set your intention for this exercise.

Reaching your arms into the sky, exhale and go right into a ahead fold, letting your head dangle heavy. Shake your head “sure” or “no.” On the subsequent inhale, bend your left knee and twist your physique to the suitable, wanting up towards the sky to really feel a hamstring stretch. If wanting up is uncomfortable, you possibly can regulate by transferring your gaze downward. Do that similar motion on the alternative aspect.

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Subsequent, straighten your legs earlier than stepping again into downward canine and letting your head dangle heavy. Right here, you possibly can pedal out your legs by bending your left, then proper knees. After a pair large inhales and exhales, attain your proper leg within the air and bend your knee. Transfer your knee in a round movement after which reverse it. Lengthen your proper leg into the sky and as you exhale, swing your proper leg in between your arms. Transferring your knee ahead and again, you need to begin to really feel your hips “get up.” Drop your left knee onto the bottom, shift your butt again to stretch your proper hamstring and lean over your leg. As Ratliff says, keep in mind to maintain respiration.

Plant your proper foot on the mat and go right into a lizard pose by bringing your proper hand to the within of your proper foot. Then, transfer right into a lunge. If it’s extra snug, you possibly can go onto your forearms. Take an enormous inhale, come again in your arms and heel-toe your proper foot to the within of your left hand. Bringing your bent proper leg right into a pigeon pose, bend down and ahead, and lean into your hips. After a couple of breaths, return in your arms, tuck your left toes, and elevate your proper knee up. In the identical motion, swing your proper leg into the sky and return to downward canine. Do that on the opposite aspect, beginning together with your left foot.

Are you feeling it but? “Your hips is perhaps screaming at you, however we’re gonna ship some love again,” says Ratliff.

When you’ve accomplished the circulation in your left aspect, take an enormous inhale in downward canine and exhale. In your subsequent inhale, shift your physique ahead into plank pose or decrease to your knees. Decrease down by hugging your elbows into your midline. Return to excessive plank after which downward canine. Do that thrice.

While you’re again in downward canine, attain your proper leg to the sky, exhale, and swing it in between each arms. You’ll then shift right into a crescent lunge, lifting your arms to the sky whereas wanting up. Step your proper foot again into downward canine and full the routine in your left aspect, ensuring you retain knees stacked instantly over your ankle.

From downward canine, deliver your knees to the mat, shift onto your butt, and swing your legs round in a cross-legged seated place. Go into boat pose by bringing your bent knees up. Sit up tall and in case you can, elevate your arms into the sky. Take your pointer and center finger and place them round your large toe earlier than stretching out your legs. Exhale and slowly deliver your ft again down onto the mat. Do the identical place, after which lengthen your legs and lean again so that you’re in a half-boat pose. Flutter-kick legs for 15 seconds and return to your seated place. Return into the half-boat pose and scissor-kick legs for 10 seconds.

For those who’ve made it this far, you’re nearing the tip of the routine. Sit up tall with legs crossed, ensure the crown of your head is lifted towards the sky, and place one hand in your stomach and the opposite in your coronary heart. At this level, Ratliff desires you to test in together with your physique.

“See how you’re feeling now,” she says. “Really feel this power that you just simply cultivated, come again to your intention, take an enormous inhale by way of the nostril, open the mouth inside out, one other inhale and let it go.”

Finish together with your palms going through up or down and resting in your legs. Seal your follow in a savasana—or nonetheless you’d wish to rejoice the tip of this regenerative hip hop follow.


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