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Q: Is fasting a few days per week harmful?

A: In case you plan to eat and drink nothing, then, sure, it’s dangerous. It might trigger dehydration and dangerously low blood sugar ranges, which might make you move out. In case you’re in any other case wholesome and nonetheless drink water, 100 % fruit juice, and no-calorie drinks, you in all probability gained’t endure well being penalties in case you do it just for a day at a time each from time to time (not twice per week). However get your physician’s OK first, and know that many of the weight misplaced shall be water and muscle, not fats. Our recommendation: Neglect the quick and make small adjustments you possibly can stay with for a lifetime.

Q: I have to lose 30 kilos. If I do will I am going down a bra dimension?

A: Breast tissue is nearly all fats, so it shrinks while you drop a few pounds. However workouts that construct up chest muscle mass can assist maintain breasts wanting full. Each different day, do Push-Ups (2–three units of as many as you possibly can). Then do Chest Presses (2–three units of 12–15 reps): Lie in your again with a 5- to Eight-pound weight in every hand, arms open, and elbows bent. Press weights up towards the ceiling, then decrease.




Julie Upton, MS, RD, is a media useful resource for the American Dietetic Affiliation.



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