When you’re in search of a booty-blasting routine, look no additional than health professional Anna Victoria’s two circuit, six-move routine. All you want is a mat and a resistance band to carry out these difficult workouts. Watch the video and browse beneath for descriptions on the best way to full every spherical of your new favourite exercise.

Donkey Kicks

Get down in your fingers and knees and ensure your fingers are positioned straight beneath your shoulders. Have your foot flexed and lift your bent leg up, and give attention to squeezing your glutes. Do 10 reps on both sides.

“One tip to bear in mind is you don’t need your again to be arched,” she stated within the video. “You really need your again to be flat, as a result of that’s gonna assist you focus solely on participating that glute.”

Hearth Hydrant With Resistance Bands

Seize your resistance band and get in the identical place as you had been in for the donkey kicks. However as an alternative of kicking up, you’ll be shifting your leg out to the facet. You are able to do this transfer with out the resistance band, nevertheless it provides extra of a problem if you happen to incorporate it. Make certain that your physique is totally secure and also you’re solely shifting your leg. Do 10 reps on both sides.

Squat Jumps

If you squat down, make certain your physique is stabilized. Squat again such as you’re sitting in a chair, maintain your chest up and maintain your arms out in entrance. Bounce up and land again in that secure squat. On the peak of the transfer, level your toes so you’ll be able to squeeze your quads and your glutes correctly. Do that transfer 15 occasions.

Now, it’s time to take a fast break. Take 30 seconds to seize a drink, take a breath, and prepare to undergo this circuit two extra occasions.

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Resistance Band Lateral Walks

With the resistance band round your thighs, begin at one facet of the mat and squat down. Conserving your chest up, step facet to facet. Push your knees out to maintain them from bending inward. This isn’t carried out in a full squat position–aim for a ¾ squat.

Glute Bridges

Make sure that your again is flat to the bottom as you increase up your glutes. Do 15 reps of those, and pause on the prime throughout every rep. Strive to not raise too excessive; you don’t need to interact your hips throughout glute bridges.

Aspect Squat With a Kickback

Take off the resistance band and begin in a sumo place. Squat right down to the facet and maintain your bent knee consistent with your toes. Carry your leg again to heart and kick it again. Carry out eight reps of these after which swap to the opposite facet.

Full this circuit 3 times. Your booty-blasting exercise is completed!


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